I Need Her Back: Five suggestions to Repair Your Relationship

Even if you divert your attention to other exciting activities, you still feel the emptiness as the sun sets in the west. You don’t feel it when your hands are quite full in the office, when you’re hanging out with your friends or when you’re watching soccer on TV. But when you’re about to snuggle in your bed, it haunts you. In every hanging frame or stuck poster, all you see is yourself with a callout saying, “I want my girlfriend back.”
Here are five suggestions which you might find useful in getting her back.
Stand up after the fall.
After the breakup, the pain of rejection and the tinge of dejection will always be present during roll-call of emotions. There’s no need to get rid of them as being hurt is part of the roller-coaster ride of life. But what is more important is you know how to rise after the collapse and you realize that the grass smells better after the rain. Be optimistic. Consider your experience as your teacher as what doesn’t kill you makes your stronger.
Keep the communication lines open.
Communication is your chief key to bring her back into your life. If you destroy it, there’s no way of letting know how you feel about your relationship. However, don’t use this to express your desperation and obsession. She would assume you’re not ready to manage a relationship. Just send her an email or give her a ring occasionally to make her realize she didn’t totally lose you.
Spend time with your common buddies.
Hang out with the people who became a part of your relationship and enjoy things just like before the breakup. In these times, treat her as a friend. She might find it uneasy if you give her special attention. She wouldn’t like others to be teasing both of you the whole time. By giving her enough space to interact, you’re giving not only her freedom to be who she is. You’re also giving yourself time to observe her from a distance and handle i-want-my-girlfriend-back issue in a wiser way.
Talk to her sincerely.
If you give her flowers to make her feel well-loved after the breakup, she will be baffled. So when the time is ripe, admit you want things to return to how they were before. If you assure her you’ll be a better lover, don’t act like a prank. If you want to identify her weaknesses, it must be done without blaming her. Keep an eye on her reaction. By looking at her face, you’d know if she still loves you too.
Make her feel secured.
There’s no need for you to be like a knight in shining armor ready to save a damsel in distress. Security for her means your commitment to your relationship. If you drool over another hot chick while you’re on a date, she will question your real intentions. If you don’t include her in your plans for your future, she’ll assume your relationship is not worth giving another try.
If your heart is frequently muttering, “I want my girlfriend back,” it’s alright to give in to its love this website desire. After all, following your heart means following your bliss. However, it would be wise to refrain from doing blunders by following the tips listed above.